22 May 2012


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by Bill Janovitz
Springing from the fertile grounds of Boston's parochial hardcore punk-rock scene, Moving Targets are a little-known but seminal link in a chain that joins hardcore and other early-'80s Boston music strains like collegiate art rock and folk-rock to '90s alternative rock.

Forming in 1981 around the songwriting, blistering guitar work, and emotive vocals of Kenny Chambers, the original power trio included bassist/vocalist Pat Leonard and the strong-man drumming of Pat Brady. After a few years of trying to scrape together gigs in the competitive early-'80s Boston rock club scene, Moving Targets' first significant exposure came in 1984 via Bands That Could Be God (Conflict/Radiobeat), a record of various Massachusetts punk and post-punk bands compiled by Gerard Cosloy, the soon-to-be head of the Homestead and Matador record labels. The LP included three songs recorded with Lou Giordano, one of the founding producers of Boston's legendary Fort Apache studio. Giordano had …  » Read more


Taang! Intro 1:55

Only Life Of Fun 3:24

Fumble 1:36

Answer 2:41

Can You Blame Me? 1:57

Travel Music 4:04

Away From Me 3:19

No Soul 2:21

Blind 1:56

Once Upon A Time 3:24

Overated 1:13

Awesome Sky 3:02

Fake It

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