10 May 2012

RAILROAD JERK We Understand EP 1993

By request


by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Railroad Jerk skewer blues, country, rock, and noise into a messy, bohemian post-punk celebration of roots rock. Formed in 1989 by guitarist/vocalist Marcellus Hall and bassist/vocalist Tony Lee in Trenton, NJ, the duo added drummer Jez Aspinall and guitarist Chris Muller by early 1990; the group recorded their self-titled debut for Matador Records in 1990. After its release, Aspinall left the band and was replaced by Steve Cercio; Muller was kicked out of the band and replaced by Alec Stephen. The quartet released their acclaimed second album, Raise the Plow, in 1993; after its release, Cercio left the band and was replaced by Dave Varenka. Railroad Jerk released its third album -- its most highly-praised yet -- in spring of 1995. Third Rail, the group's fourth album, also received positive reviews upon its fall 1996 release.


WmPerry said...

Thanks-i've been really pleaseed by RRJrk's singles- they've seemed more adventureous and less tight-assed (I DO like the albums but i kindasgringe at the songs that have no sense of humor-- only a few i know, but i came at them bkwrds via White Hassle (whom i love and miss) where even the gruesomist Broke heart is presented as lurid comedy.
more please

IHateThe90s said...