14 August 2013

A-SET The Science of Living Things 1999

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Science of Living Things
Following his departure from the classic rock three-piece Haelah, Albert Menduno set his sights on Chicago with only his guitar and a handful of songs. Musically focusing towards more of a textured, complex structure with a lyrical content of remorse, Menduno took the moniker of A-Set and captured these feelings in the studio. Along with Joan of Arc frontman Tim Kinsella on guitar, Menduno took the pump organ, lap steel and microphone and recorded six songs that would eventually make up the EP The Science of Living. Released in 1999 on Tree Records, a split with Sweden's Cobolt quickly followed that same year; the 7" The Blue Room arrived in 2000.



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hi, any chance for posting his "Songs From the Red Room"?

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zz- have it on the list and will try to find it for you.