05 August 2013

INDECISION Unorthodox 1996

Released on the Exit label, a subsidiary of Wreck-Age Records.

Artist Biography by

Indecision formed in 1993. The bandmembers -- guitarists Justin Brannan and Rachel Rosen, drummer Pat Flynn, bassist Steve Bago, and vocalist Tom Sheehan (who was replaced by Artie Phillie in 1998) -- met while attending a Catholic high school in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn. Indecision played around in local clubs until the majority of the venues in their neighborhood closed down, then took a larger step and integrated themselves into the New York City hardcore scene. Relentless recording and touring kept the band relevant long after many groups from their time and space faded away. They issued a number of singles and three albums with Exit Records -- Unorthodox, Most Precious Blood, and To Live and Die in New York City -- all of which showed off their slightly metal-tinged brand of positive hardcore (which managed to express anger and injustice without being hateful). To Live and Die in New York City was their first album to feature Artie Phillie on vocals, but the album retained the straight-ahead style that their other releases possessed. In 1999 they tried their luck at another label, putting out Release the Cure on MIA Records. After breaking up while on tour in 2000, several members of Indecision went on to form the hardcore/metal outfit Most Precious Blood.

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