10 August 2013

MOGWAI Travels In Constants (Vol. 12) 2001

by request


1 Untitled 6:07
2 Quiet Stereo Dee 4:06
3 Arundel 2:59

Artist Biography by

Ten Rapid
The cosmic post-rock band Mogwai were formed in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1996 by guitarist/vocalist Stuart Braithwaite, guitarist Dominic Aitchison, and drummer Martin Bulloch, longtime friends with the goal of creating "serious guitar music." Toward that end they added another guitarist, John Cummings, before debuting in March 1996 with the single "Tuner," a rarity in the Mogwai discography for its prominent vocals; the follow-up, a split single with Dweeb titled "Angels vs. Aliens," landed in the Top Ten on the British indie charts. Following appearances on a series of compilations, Mogwai returned later in the year with the 7" "Summer"; after another early-1997 single, "New Paths to Helicon," they issued Ten Rapid, a collection of their earliest material.  


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