02 August 2013

BURN self titled 1990

produced by Don Fury
From Wikipedia
Burn released its first recording, a self-titled EP on Revelation Records in 1990.[1] In 1994, the band separated, with vocalist Chaka Malik forming Orange 9mm,[2] guitarist Gavin Van Vlack participating in Pry, Die 116, and The Big Collapse, and drummer Alan Cage in Quicksand.[3] The band never "officially" disbanded, and after a stint of live performances, Burn was finally resurrected with the addition of guitarist Vic DiCara (from 108 and Inside Out)[4][5] and bassist Manny Carrero (from Glassjaw). In late 2001, Burn released a new EP on Equal Vision Records, Cleanse. In 2002, the band dropped a previously unreleased recording from 1992 on Revelation Records entitled, Last Great Sea,[6][7] due to fans seeking out the tunes which had been circulating among fans from a demo.

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