16 August 2013

LAMAGNA Ceremony 7 inch 1997

Hardcore produced by Don Fury

LAMAGNA began playing together in 1996 after the demise of the influential and innovative Long Island NY Hardcore band Scapegrace. Having shared the stage with such acts as Jawbreaker, The Bouncing Souls, The Refused, and Born Against, Steve Driscoll, lead singer of Scapegrace, sought to gain the positive response Scapegrace obtained following extensive touring and sold-out local shows. After being introduced to one another through a mutual friend, Steve and Chris began the first incarnation of LAMAGNA, which consisted of Ryan, Chris, Steve and Manny of Scapegrace on drums. After several rehearsals, Manny decided to part ways with the band and Brian was recruited to fill the vacant spot, which finalized the line-up.

LAMAGNA immediately began playing local shows on Long Island and in New York City. Their constant playing ultimately caught the attention of NYC based Wreck-Age Records. The end result was their debut EP entitled "Ceremony" which was recorded by producer Don Fury at his Spring Street studio.

Without delay LAMAGNA embarked on their first successful tour of Canada and the North Eastern United States. Unfortunately, the band's momentum was stalled prematurely due to a member having to relocate out of state. The band's first run culminated on June 21, 1998 in NYC with a performance at Coney Island High for the Wreck-Age/Exit Records showcase.

After a long break all original members found themselves back in New York. With a renewed determination to continue making music together as they did five years earlier, LAMAGNA reformed and effortlessly began writing new material. Since resuming where they left off, LAMAGNA has played the Pat Duncan Show on WFMU radio, several local and out of state shows, and plans are in the works for a possible tour. Combining an experimental sound that doesn't stray too far from its hardcore roots, LAMAGNA stands out among their peers as a highly original band not to be reckoned with.

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