13 August 2014

100 FLOWERS 100 Years Of Pulchritude 1990

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Originally formed in the late '70s as an intentionally silly punk band called the Urinals, 100 Flowers organized a few years later (around vocalist John Talley-Jones and vocalist/guitarist Kjehl Johansen) with a sound more rooted in angular post-punk. Based in West Los Angeles, the band recorded a self-titled album for Happy Squid in 1983 and followed with an EP the next year, but disintegrated soon after. First Johansen and later Talley-Jones ended up in Trotsky Icepick later in the '80s. 100 Flowers' back catalog was rendered unnecessary with 1990's 100 Years of Pulchritude, a compilation including all of their released tracks plus several that weren't. 


1 Without Limbs
2 All Sexed Up
3 Our Fallout
4 Horizontal
5 Head, No Heart
6 Presence Of Mind
7 I Don't Own My Own Heart
8 Motorboat To Hell
9 Strip Club
10 Poltergeists At Home
11 Pressing The Point
12 Virtually Nothing
13 Salad Of Speech
14 Funky Kjehl
15 Dizzy Ms. Lizzy
16 California's Falling Into The Ocean
17 Dyslexia
18 Mop Dub
19 Reject Yourself
20 I Hate
21 I'm Like You
22 From The Fire
23 100 Flowers
24 Bunkers
25 Long Arm Of The Social Sciences
26 Triage
27 Contributions
28 Let's Not



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Thanks for this. Just listened to a single by these guys and wanted more.