18 August 2014


self titled

by request

From Discogs:

Beginning in 1992, HONKEYBALL was at the forefront of innovative, cutting edge heavy music. One would be hard pressed to actually describe the band as hardcore; their sound had truly developed beyond that typical tough-guy generic style that seemed to pour from the city of Boston. Instead, the band focused on musicianship, unique sounds, vocal stylings and lyrics that set them apart, but worked well with, the rest of the Boston scene. Their appeal ranged from the hardest hardcore fan to the casual music listener who appreciated something unique in heavy music. The band broke up in 1999 and singer/guitarist George "Chopper" Tsiaras and bass player Claude Yama now play in GIVE.


"Self Titled"

Kemosabi 3:05
Buffoon 5:21
Unffected American 3:05
Outpatient 3:43
Split 3:47
Dedicated... 3:00
Cutthroat Humor 3:51



1 The Sheep Will Shear
2 El Diablo
3 So Called Friends
4 Bruce Lee
5 Curb Trick
6 Ballad Of John Wesley Harding
7 Birth Of Neckstabber
8 Rollin' With The Assassin
9 Behold The Pale Horse
10 Rottweiler
11 Mossburg Blues
12 Goldenwest Saloon
13 Her Cheatin' Heart
14 Hank's Been Drinking
15 Sleeps With Fishes

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