24 August 2014

TRAMPOLINE Dormer 1994


Artist Biography by

Pat Ferrise is the musical director and a daytime DJ from Washington D.C.'s commercial alternative radio station, WHFS, and recorded under the moniker Trampoline with friends from some well-regarded independent bands. The indie rock alternative band released two albums through spinART: 1994's Dormer and 1996's I Want One of Everybody. Through his role as a DJ, Dormer was associated with seminal D.C. bands like Girls vs. Boys and Velocity Girl. His second album featured contributions from members of Edsel and Manifesto, as well as Geoff Turner (Tsunami and the Eggs) and Ted Niceley (Fugazi, the Dead Milkmen, Tommy Keene , Tripping Daisy, and Monsterland). I Want One of Everybody was a more straightforward, accessible album of electric pop songs while Dormer was a little more indie-oriented pop. While not a stunning songwriter, Pat Ferrise has a penchant for quirky and creative instrumentation, using offbeat instruments like banjos, farfisas, and even thumb pianos. He also performed guitar, vocals, and harmonica on Heal's 1991 Civilization Vs. Technology album released on Asylum and which also featured Chuck D., Billy Bragg, REM's Michael Stipe, Run-D.M.C., Queen Latifah, Big Daddy Kane, Salt-N-Pepa, MC Lyte, Doug E. Fresh, Kool Moe Dee, and KRS-1.


1 Thumb 1 0:09
2 Green Jacket 2:37
3 Big Bones Break 3:14
4 First 2:40
5 Corduroy 0:18
6 Sugarpale 3:00
7 Shocked By A Revelation 3:28
8 Calculating Bird 2:51
9 Lie (Pancake Version) 1:56
10 Falling Down 3:10
11 Hit The Glass Ceiling 2:15
12 Leaves 0:12
13 Shiny Black Penny 3:00
14 Butter In The Frying Pan 3:51
15 Lie 1:56
16 Sasafras 1:10


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Bare Minimum self titled would be , well Awesome !

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Do you have a Discogs link for that? I can't find any info.

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You posted Nailbiters cant be cured a while Back. there are 2 S/titled an 2 other EP's all Look Unique,

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Can you post a link for I Want One of Everybody too? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!