02 August 2014

MEATHOOK SEED Embedded 1993

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Meathook Seed, a part-time industrial-flavored death metal project helmed by Napalm Death guitarist Mitch Harris, released a pair of albums at either end of the 1990s. The first, titled Embedded, emerged in 1992 and found Harris (in charge of guitars and programming) collaborating with Obituary members Donald Tardy (drums) and Trevor Peres (vocals) on what amounted to a death/hardcore/industrial mishmash inspired in part by Napalm associates Godflesh and capped with a 13-minute ambient/trance movement named "Sea of Tranquility." The second, amusingly named Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (aka B.I.B.L.E.), arrived all of seven years later and retained the industrial elements spread over a more rock-based sound, but it saw the Obituary guys replaced by vocalist Christopher Lamouret, session guitarist Russ Russel, Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury, and Benediction drummer Ian Treacy. In all of this time, Meathook Seed only performed live on two occasions, and, as of this writing, show no sign of being resurrected by Harris, who remains happily entangled with the seemingly immortal Napalm Death.


Famine Sector 4:09
A Furred Grave 3:47
My Infinity 3:01
Day Of Conceiving 3:20
Cling To An Image 2:48
A Wilted Remnant 4:34
Forgive 3:24
Focal Point Blur 3:04
Embedded 2:07
Visible Shallow Self 2:27
Sea Of Tranquility 13:43

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