12 August 2014


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Post punk?

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Weather Theatre had little in common with most of its Seattle brethren in the latter half of the '80s. After the breakup of his band A Western Family, vocalist John Massoni formed Weather Theatre in 1985 with David Thierry (drums), Liz Wick (bass), and Eric Burnham (guitar). (Thierry and Wick were also former members of A Western Family). Weather Theatre more closely resembled the moody psychedelia of Echo & the Bunnymen than the heavy metal clamor of Seattle peers like Green River and Soundgarden. In 1988, Weather Theatre released its first single, "Bridge to Heaven," on Sun & Steel, followed by an EP. Maverick Seattle DJ Norman B. played the Doors-like "She Don't Know Why" and "Great God's Gift" on his radio show, but Weather Theatre otherwise received scant airplay and publicity in their hometown. The group's debut album, Dusk, was distributed by the German label Angry Fish Records after Sun & Steel became unable to finance the LP during its recording. Weather Theatre split up in 1989. Massoni then flew to London, England, to find labels interested in his music. In the early '90s, Massoni released two EPs under the name Maxine on Blast First Records. Massoni recorded an EP, The Sundowner Sessions, with Sonic Boom in 2000.



Helium Head
At Play In God's Attic
These Things That I Depend On
Wild Surmise
Song Of The Dusk/Outro

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