06 January 2015

DARLAHOOD Big Fine Thing 1996

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Formed in New York in 1995, Darlahood did not have to wait long for a buzz to build around the group. Almost instantly, the major labels came knocking, as the band's solid musicianship and excellent classic rock-influenced songwriting impressed many observers in Gotham's rock music circles. After signing with the Warner Bros. Imprint Reprise Records, the group got to work on their debut, writing 70 songs while living in self-imposed seclusion upstate. The list of songs was whittled down to 12 as producers Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley (David Bowie, Bush, Morrissey) helped Darlahood craft their debut Big Fine Thing. Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Luke Janklow's accurate yet soulful singing and guitar playing were at the center of the power trio's music (that also featured the drumming of Joe Magistro and David Sellar's bass work.) Big Fine Thing had a retro sound that when combined with Darlahood's mind-expanding (read: drug-influenced) lyrics, generated a throwback label for the band that wasn't exactly accurate. Certainly Janklow and company were influenced by '60s and '70s artists (like the Beatles, T. Rex, and Bad Company, just to name a few) but there were enough modern musical elements within Darlahood's riff-heavy rock to keep them firmly connected to and identified with the '90s. Having said that, it is possible that Darlahood's performances were slightly out of step with the times. If the guitar playing and vocal harmonies had been just a tad sloppier, perceptions about the group may have been different. The band demonstrates a live sound on Big Fine Thing so tight, that their instrumental command overshadows the material. This was a strangely (and sadly) out-dated approach during the post-grunge, post-punk days of '90s alternative rock. Despite all the unfashionable virtuosity, the first single from Big Fine Thing, "Grow Your Own," received plenty of attention from modern rock radio program directors, and the track charted nicely. The second single, "Big Fine Thing," didn't fare as well, but the video -- produced by Nigel Dick (Oasis, the Offspring) -- did receive some MTV airplay. Things were moving along nicely for Darlahood who toured relentlessly in support of the debut disc, most notably on an extensive leg opening for Collective Soul. Work began on a new record, but years later nothing was completed and ultimately, little has been heard from group after the Big Fine Thing tour ended in 1997. 


1 Grow Your Own 4:03
2 99% Bullshit 4:20
3 Sister Dementia 3:55
4 Big Fine Thing 3:43
5 Runaway Clocks 5:06
6 Watch Your Mouth 5:07
7 De Nature Boy 4:27
8 Not Again 4:20
9 New York City 3:35
10 I've Got Pictures 4:43
11 RSVP 7:51
12 Hey Baby (Take Me With You) 4:40

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