06 January 2015

LOUDMOUTH self titled 1999

by request

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The Chicago metal band Loudmouth comprised frontman Bob Feddersen, guitarist Tony McQuaid, bassist Mike Flaherty and drummer John Sullivan, After making their public debut in early 1993, the group relentlessly toured the Windy City circuit before independently releasing their debut EP 1/2 in 1996. A self-titled LP followed a year later, a copy of which made its way to the members of Metallica, who spoke of Loudmouth favorably in a number of magazine articles; the media attention helped win the group a contract with Hollywood Records, which released their major-label debut (also self-titled) in 1999.


1 Fly
2 No Heroes
3 Rats In The Maze
4 Maybe
5 The Road
6 Lucky #7
7 Not Free
8 Where Have We Gone
9 Turn It Off
10 Insecure
11 What?
12 End Of The Century


IHateThe90s said...


IHateThe90s said...

Forgot about this album! So great!