28 January 2015

THE ORCHIDS Striving for the Lazy Perfection 1994

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One of the most prolific bands on Bristol, England's legendary indie pop label Sarah Records, the Orchids were also one of the label's most press-shy outfits. Formed in 1986 in Penilee, Scotland, a suburb of Glasgow, the Orchids took their initial inspiration from some of the city's better-known acts of the time, particularly Lloyd Cole and the Commotions (singer James Hackett sounded more than a little like Cole and was often derided in the U.K. press for that resemblance) and Primal Scream during that band's original '60s pop phase. Hackett, rhythm guitarist Matthew Drummond, lead guitarist John Scally, bassist James Moody, and drummer Chris Quinn fit neatly into the bowl haircut and anorak look of the British indie scene, and their songs, the sort of archetypal late-'80s U.K. guitar pop for which terms like "winsome," "jangly", and "twee" were invented, made them both new pop heroes for a certain audience and an easily dismissible target for others. Press reaction tended to be either laudatory or scathing, with very little in between.


1 Obsession No. 1 3:56
2 Striving For The Lazy Perfection 3:56
3 The Searching 3:25
4 Welcome To My Curious Heart 4:40
5 Avignon 3:03
6 A Living Ken And Barbie 6:36
7 Beautiful Liar 3:41
8 A Kind Of Eden 4:15
9 Prayers To St. Jude 2:52
10 Lovechild 4:51
11 Give A Little Honey 4:31
12 I've Got To Wake Up To Tell You My Dreams 3:38
13 The Perfect Reprise 1:17
14 I Was Just Dreaming 3:25
15 Between Sleeping And Waking 3:09

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