09 January 2015

GO KART GO The Ninth Floor 2001

Thanks to Walkingdead

I have broken my own rule that I'm only posting releases from 1990 - 1999 but this has been on my wantlist for at least a couple of years. Check it out - it's a cross between The Replacements and Alkaline Trio.  Unfortunately the singer passed away a few years ago.
1. I'm Gone
2. Radio Station
3. Marionette
4. Public Display of Rejection
5.  White Trash Love Song
6. Summer Slump
7. Undertow
8. Until Now
9. (Your So) Anxious
10. My Song


IHateThe90s said...


IHateThe90s said...

Go Kart Go! Great band, that I let completely slip under my radar. No rush, but when you have the time, I'd love to see the old GKG posts re-upped. A big thanks for this one. It's very much appreciated C. I'll be keeping a hopeful eye out for any GKG re-ups. Thanks again, ~Oxy~