02 January 2015

LIQUID JESUS Pour in the Sky 1991

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Artist Biography

This experimental Los Angeles-based quintet was formed in 1990 by bass player Johnny Lonely and guitarist Scott Tracey. Adding Todd Rigione (guitar), Buck Murphy (vocals) and John Molo (drums), they gigged incessantly on the LA bar and club circuit. Fusing psychedelic, blues, jazz and metal influences to bizarre extremes, they debuted with an independently released live album. Tipped by some as the next Jane’s Addiction, they were signed by Geffen Records in 1991 and delivered Pour In The Sky. This pooled their influences of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queen, but accusations of plagiarism were sidestepped by virtue of their totally deranged and unpredictable delivery. 


Intro 1:45
Finding My Way 4:50
W.H.Y.B. 4:30
No Secret 4:48
On My Way 2:14
Better Or Worse 6:02
The Light 3:30
Sacrifice 3:44
The Colourful Ones 4:18
Faith To Believe 4:55
Feelings Flower 5:30
Bleed 3:32

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