23 June 2016

BATTERY EP Collection 1997



Battery was a Washington D.C. hardcore band that existed from 1990 until 1998 and re-formed for a brief reunion in 2012. During this time they released a 7", a split 7" with Ignite, two MCDs and three full-length albums on Deadlock, Lost & Found, Tidal, Conversion, and Revelation Records.
The guitarist and main man was Ken Olden, who also played in Damnation A.D., Better Than a Thousand, When Tigers Fight, Worlds Collide, Far Cry and Fort Knox and filled in on bass for Youth of Today on their 2003 European reunion tour.
Singer Brian McTernan, a well known hardcore record producer, presently owns and operates Salad Days recording studio in Baltimore and also played guitar in the D.C. emo hardcore band Ashes, as well as Miltown and My Best Mistake.


We Wont Fall
1 I Won't Fall
2 Overcome
3 Fury
4 Shattered Stone
5 Fading

Let The Past Go
6 Bitter Taste
7 These Are The Days
8 Piece Of You
9 Do You Believe?
10 Only The Diehard Remain

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