19 June 2016

THE MEANIES 10% Weird 1996

by request

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The Meanies have a warped, disturbing take on the clownish, hooky punk of the Dickies and the Ramones. Since their sense of humor is somewhat skewed, much of 10% Weird appeals to only a select group people, mainly devoted retro-punk listeners. Those that aren't insatiable punk fans will not find anything of interest, but dedicated fans of silly, irreverent punk will find the record will sustain their interest, even with a couple of weak spots. 


1 10% Weird
2 Eating Roaches
3 Ton Of Bricks
4 Redneck Door
5 Conan
6 Smack Bottom
7 Example To Change
8 Plan Nein
9 Pull The Switch
10 Grandmothers Dead
11 Corpse In Love
12 Hold On Champ
13 Pull Your String
14 Virus


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