10 June 2016

DEFRYME Purekiller 1993

by request

An Australian rock/funk experiment that entertained and amazed.
The band received a hell of a lot of attention for live performance excellence and mayhem, and had a reputation for being without compromise, full of grit and determination. They played the Australian road, state-to-state 3 years straight with minimal breaks, entertaining their die-hards, and converting some straight rock stalwarts on the way.
Defryme's live shows were a blistering powerhouse of rock smegma, never to be forgotten by any in attendance.


1 Pure Killer
2 Brass Monkey
3 Sanity
4 Therapy
5 Rivers
6 Mama Said Knock You Out
7 Yeah
8 God Inside A Man
9 Gunn
10 Sweeter Shelter

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