30 June 2016

DISCOUNT Ataxia's Alright Tonight 1996

female fronted pop punk

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Ataxia's Alright Tonight
Punk combo Discount was formed in early 1995 by singer Alison Mosshart, guitarist Ryan Seagrist, bassist James, and drummer Bill Nesper, all junior high school students in the Vero Beach, FL, area. Despite their youth, the group began regularly gigging throughout Florida and soon self-released their debut cassette, Mom Lied to Me; a copy of the tape eventually found its way to Liquid Meat Records honcho Tim Lyman, and in 1996 the label issued the 7" EP Wonder Pulled Me Under followed by the full-length Ataxia's Alright Tonight. Split singles with Cigaretteman and JChurch preceded the 1997 release of the second Discount LP, Half-Fiction; a year later the group returned with Love, Billy, an EP of Billy Bragg covers. New bassist Todd Rockhill signed on prior to 1999's "Open Ended Aerial" single, and after relocating to Gainesville, Discount began work on its third LP, 2000's Crash Diagnostic; a message posted to the band's official website announced their subsequent tour would also be their last. Mosshart went on to form the Kills, playing under the pseudo name VV


1 Waiting By The Wayside 2:27
2 Malarie's Mission 2:01
3 K. V. T-Shirt 2:06
4 Half The Time 2:01
5 Milly 1:44
6 Lights Out 2:24
7 Streets 1:54
8 The Sun Comes Up 1:38
9 Her Last Day 2:12
10 No Surprise 1:58
11 Tomorrow Will Be 2:02
12 Everybody Everybody 1:58
13 It's The End Of The World 2:57

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