08 March 2017

CAUSTIC RESIN Body Love Body Hate 1993


Artist Biography by

Longtime linchpins of the Boise, ID, indie scene, Caustic Resin were often lost in the shadow of the city's best-known exports, Built to Spill. Yet their roots dated back farther, and were also less connected to Seattle. Somewhat in contrast to the dominant sounds of the Northwest, Caustic Resin's music was a dark, druggy blend of heavy metal, psychedelia, and space rock. Headed by guitarist/vocalist Brett Netson, the band favored thick, slow-moving jams filled with torturous vocals and warped noise freak-outs, softened by the occasional quiet meditation or hint of blues. Most media attention focused on Caustic Resin's relationship with Built to Spill -- Netson was a frequent guest musician, and the two bands once combined for an EP release -- but they proved to be a venerable presence in their own right, sticking around for well over a decade. 


1 Drone 6:04
2 Semiconductor 1:57
3 All Filling 6:42
4 Machines Fixing Themselves 4:31
5 Chainsaw 4:46
6 Cocktails? 1:40
7 Hollow Trap 2:17
8 Hooberbloob (My Family) 5:05
9 Cocktails! 1:41
10 Spinedog-Re 9:29

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