17 March 2017



Dirt Fishermen were based in Boise, Idaho in the post-grunge era of 1988-1994. They consisted of five original members, Dave Grapp, Gina Gregerson, KT Shanafelt, Dan Krejci, and Gavin. A self-titled demo tape was recorded and the initial pressing of 500 sold out quickly. The band played the first of many out of town shows and won over crowds in Portland and Eugene while opening for soon-to-be good friends The Dharma Bums. Glenn Newkirk replaced Gavin in 1990. Shortly after that the band traveled to Dogfish Studios outside of Portland to record the "glenn's car" album. The title is based on the cover photo which is actually a photo of Lee's car after it caught fire next to Boise High school one summer evening. The album was released through Silence Records (label started by the Treepeople). 500 copies on LP and 1000 on cassette which sold out quickly and was not repressed until the CD release in October of 2006. After several Northwest tours and some shows in the Southwest Dave Grapp left the band. With KT and Gina taking over all vocal duties the band shifted gears from a politically charged folk-rock five piece to a grungier four piece that had less in common with R.E.M. and more in the vein of Seven Year Bitch and The Gits. In 1992 the band signed to C/Z records based in Seattle, WA. This label was home to fellow Idahoans, The Treepeople and Caustic Resin, as well as Seven Year Bitch, Alcohol Funnycar and later Built to Spill. The third LP "Vena Cava" was recorded at home in Boise but famed producer Jack Endino made the trip over from Seattle to produce the record. They toured the US with noted bands Sunny Day Real Estate and the Mieces as well as Monks of Doom and Dirt Clod Fight. The group disbanded in 1994 and all members individually worked separately on new musical projects. The group held reunion shows in October of 2006 to large crowds of loyal fans in their home town of Boise, Idaho. The group remains on hiatus, vowing to play occasionally.


1 Caracul
2 I Will Wait
3 Pelmen
4 Put To Sleep
5 Fun & Games With Sylvia
6 Vena Cava
7 Cops
8 Wrath Of Rabbit
9 Ingridory
10 Appetizer
11 Breakdown
12 Plum
13 Breakin' Bones

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