08 March 2017

VEXED Cathexis 1994


Artist Biography by

Founding members Milton Garrison (guitar) and Alfred Butler (bass) brought Vexed together in Seattle in the late '80s. They created a sound that was heavy on funky bass lines, with a background of noise and rumble. Drummer David Lapp was present for their first release on C/Z Records in 1990, The Good Fight EP. Lapp was replaced by Buzz Crocker for the band's second release on C/Z, Cathexis, which came out in 1994. 


1 Higlog 3.4.4
2 Icepick
3 Soulseye
4 Sixes And Sevens
5 Jerk
6 Triskadekaphilia
7 Bled Back
8 Dirt

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