05 March 2017


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A product of the same vibrant Austin roots rock scene which produced the True Believers, the Reivers, and the Wild Seeds, the Texas Instruments were formed in 1983 by guitarist David Woody, bassist Ron Marks, and drummer Steve Chapman. Combining their mutual interest in punk with an affection for heartland music, the group issued their debut EP, More Texas Instruments!, in 1985; a self-titled full-length album appeared two years later.

Sun Tunnels
After the release of 1988's Sun Tunnels, the Texas Instruments added second guitarist Clay Daniel to their lineup. In 1989, the group completed its third album, Crammed Into Infinity; before the record's release, however, their longtime label, Rabid Cat, declared bankruptcy, and the disc spent many months in limbo, eventually seeing the light of day in 1990. Magnetic Home followed three years later.  


1 Let It Shine 3:36
2 Song Of A Baker 3:17
3 Big Machine 4:11
4 Life Til Now 2:55
5 The King Of Nothing 5:20
6 One From The Other 4:14
7 Top Of The Tower 3:05
8 Sidewalk Museum 3:22
9 The Citizen's Show 3:50
10 Speed Of Sound 6:19

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