15 February 2018

BUTT TRUMPET Primitive Enema 1994

Here's some obnoxious punk that one woman described as "audio porn."

Artist Biography by

Primitive Enema
Influenced by early U.S. punk and hardcore, vocalist Thom Bone, bassist/vocalist Bianca Butthole, guitarist Blare N. Bitch, bassist Sharon Needles and drummer Jerry Geronimo formed Butt Trumpet in L.A. The band's vulgar song material caused a Massachusetts town to consider banning Butt Trumpet's major-label debut, Primitive Enema, after a citizen heard her 12-year-old daughter listening to what the mother called "audio porn." 


1 Clusterfuck
2 Funeral Crashing Tonight
3 I've Been So Mad Lately
4 Dicktatorship
5 Classic Asshole
6 Decapitated
7 Dead Dogs
8 I Left My Flannel In Seattle
9 I'm Ugly And I Don't Know Why
10 Grindcore Song
11 Primitive Enema
12 I Left My Gun In San Francisco
13 Shut Up
14 Ten Seconds Of Heaven
15 Yesterday
16 Ode To Dickhead
17 Pink Gun
18 Blind

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