16 February 2018

LOUD SUGAR self titled 1990

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The five-piece band Loud Sugar was certainly aptly named as they served up candy-coated pop confections with some punch on their self-titled debut. With lead singer David Grover and brothers Steven Hitselberger on guitars and William Hitselberger on bass, the band is readily compared to Jellyfish. Unfortunately, they rarely come close to reaching the heights of that band and their new-age platitudes and flower power mantras were thin over the course of the album. "Funky Little Flower," a Hammond-driven, hippie love song is catchy as hell, and that track plus "Instant Karma Coffee House," which incorporates brass and sampled strings, make for an engaging opening double-shot. However, they fail to maintain that momentum, save for the funky, irresistible "Creamsicle." The only major misstep is the awkward environmental paean "No Ozone," but seldom does Loud Sugar rise above run-of-the-mill. 


1 Funky Little Town 3:55
2 Instant Karma Coffee House 4:05
3 Change The Weather 3:23
4 You & The World 4:30
5 Never Looked So Good 3:18
6 Creamsicle 3:27
7 Faith & Hope & Love 3:29
8 No Ozone 4:03
9 Home 4:13
10 The Promise 1:06
11 Take Me Woman 4:45
12 The Sun's Come Into My Room 4:01

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