16 February 2018

GORILLA Obliterator 1996


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With the members of Gorilla individually working as a doctor, boat-builder, graphic artist and Muzak producer, these Seattle natives breakdown the stereotypes of elderly punkers only being qualified to work at a fast-food restaurant. As see on their first full-length Deal With It, age also doesn't get in the way of playing blazing, dual guitar 60's punk. On top of the added organs as well as a strong influences of The Sonics and The Stranglers, Gorilla would eventually capture this sound on the albums Squid Row Daze (1994) and Obliterator (1996). But thanks to the time constraints of working a professional job, the idea of touring cross-continental was always impossible. The band released Too Much for Your Heat in 1999 and Genetic Joke in fall 2000. 


1 Another Lovely Lie 2:42
2 Bloody Nose 3:40
3 Human Drain 2:17
4 Amoeba 3:25
5 Slot 2:22
6 Summertime 4:11
7 Lets Love Someone Else 2:41
8 Snag 2:49
9 Bargain Love 2:25
10 Punch The Clock 2:37
11 Slide By 2:50
12 Get Out 2:59
13 Minute Fourteen 1:22
14 Losing It 4:07

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