20 February 2018

WELT Better Days 1998

For Mike L.

Artist Biography by

Formed in 1993, punk popsters Welt hail from Sacramento, CA. Despite numerous lineup changes over the years, founding member and main songwriter Jason Cooper (bass/vocals) has remained a constant fixture. Signing with the independent (and now defunct) Dr. Dream label shortly after Welt's formation, a series of singles were issued, as well as the full-lengths Better Days in 1995, Kicked in the Teeth in 1996, and Broke Down in 1998, during which time the band relocated to Orange County, CA. By the late '90s, Welt's permanent lineup became solidified, consisting of the ever-present Cooper, guitarists Tobe Bean and Todd Harper, plus drummer Marc Harrismendy. 2001 saw Welt's first release for the Better Youth Record Co., Brand New Dream


1 Really? Pt. 2
2 Better Days
3 Opinion
4 Pop Eater
5 Clean
6 Corner Store
7 Talk Shit
8 In My Way
9 Really?
10 Lame
11 Lose That Girl
12 Anything
13 Strange

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