24 July 2010



New Disease

By request and kindly given to I Hate The 90s blog by Mark. Thank you Mark!

Artist Biography by

The lineup for L.A.'s 1000 Mona Lisas coalesced in 1993 around vocalist/guitarist Armando Prado (b. Glendale, CA), bassist Gianni Neiviller (b. Hollywood, CA) and drummer Rocco Bidlovski (b. Brazil); Bidlovski had previously played with the South American band Tokyo before coming to the U.S. The group's California punk/hardcore attitude and style is laced with melodic power-pop on two releases, the Slammin' EP and 1995's debut album New Disease, produced by Geza X (Black Flag, Dead Kennedys). 

The EP


1 How Would You Know 2:29
2 Green Light 2:41
3 Maybe It's All Forgotten 1:38
4 My Embarrassing Suicide 3:25
5.1 Instilled And Lost 6:57
5.2 You Oughta Know 2:11

New Disease

1 Dog
2 Maybe It's All Forgotten
3 New Disease
4 Girlfriendly
5 Clarke Nova
6 Terranian
7 Vile Of Blue
8 Wet
9 In The Red
10 I'd Rather Die Than Have To Touch You
11 Tom N° 9
12 How Would You Know?
13 What's The Line?
14 Change & Decipher