17 July 2010

DYNAMUTT Handbook for Young Scientists 1994

Can't find much about Dyn@mutt on the internets. I really liked this CD and played it a lot on my radio show, especially the song "Crunchtime." As far as I know this was their only full length release on Farrago Records, Houston, Texas. A vinyl compilation called Alles ist Gut! Mixed Fodder Volume One 7 inch EP featured Dyn@mutt, Lozenge, Buddha on the Moon and Tit was also pressed by Farrago Records which was apparently the label's first release.


dd said...

yep, that was our only CD - two tapes prior to that, but the best songs are re-recorded and appear on the CD. In addition to that split 7", we also had a track called "Slurpee Burn" on a Nihilator Records comp called KITSCH 'N SYNC. There's a couple other stray recorded tracks that never properly saw the light of day floating around on CD-Rs.

Dave, the lead guitarist, went on to a band called Secret Primper, that put out a couple of albums that Dyn@mutt fans would like.

IHateThe90s said...