07 July 2010

ORBIT Libido Speedway 1996

by request


1 Yeah 2:35
2 Bicycle Song 5:33
3 Wake Up 3:50
4 Amp 2:43
5 Medicine 3:56
6 Rockets 4:17
7 Motorama 3:01
8 Nocturnal Autodrive 4:21
9 Why You Won't 3:46
10 Carnival 3:25
11 Chappel Hill 1:41
12 Paper Bag 4:44
13 Gazer 8:28
14 Untitled Track 3:04


Anonymous said...

Ooh, cool! You might also want to check out the singer's previous band, Pipes...great Boston band from the early 90s!

siderealist said...

Thanks for the upload! I own this CD and played it over and over in school but I misplaced it in storage. Is there any chance of a higher bitrate? Thanks again.

IHateThe90s said...

Re-upped with higher bitrate. Thanks, siderealist!


siderealist said...

Greatly appreciated, my friend!
I thank you... so does my iPod.

Flirty Bike Fashion for Women said...

This is a message for Jon C joncwriter... The Boston band Pipes: do you have any info. on them? my friend used to play bass with them but I am spacing his last name. Mike. He taught me how to play bass. P.S.- I like your blog.

IHateThe90s said...


IHateThe90s said...


IHateThe90s said...