14 July 2010

SPIN Radio Network Fall 1994

Behold I have a CD rarity for you to peruse - SPIN Radio Network - a radio show that was sent out to college radio in the 1990's which featured rare versions of songs from a plethora of bands worthy of a permanent place our hearts. These old shows were part of college radio's glory days - when SUM41 and Panic! At The Disco were thankfully nonexistent and the word emo meant screaming along to your favorite Fugazi songs, not how you wore your hair. Step back in time and remember when there was no interwebs, no iPods and all you could do was record this on a cassette.

Sadly, this is the only copy of the program I have. I think I threw the others away many years ago. I know, that was a bad choice.
In any case, enjoy.

Morphine Shame

Strapping Fieldhands In The Pineys