29 July 2010

HOG Nothing Sacred 1996

by request

Not a very flattering review....

AllMusic Review by

Hog is the kind of band that gives youth-culture movements a bad name. Green Day may not be the most original band on the planet, but you can believe they at least come by their Clash/Jam influences second-hand. Most everything on Nothing Sacred smells of third-hand thrift shops. As a matter of fact, if the Green Day boys weren't so busy ducking Joe Strummer's lawyers, they might want to have their own legal eagles turn a close ear to Hog's "Get a Job." For variety, the group lurches into unconvincing rockabilly ("Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby") and hillbilly ("You and Me"). Only moody vengeance ballad "Medicine" shows any depth at all. I suppose for your early-teen fanatic who will absolutely "die" if Green Day doesn't release a new album soonest, Nothing Sacred could serve as an emergency placebo. 


1 Shut Down
2 Don't Know Why
3 Junk
4 Not Perfect
5 Get A Job
6 Medicine
7 Aching
8 Walls
9 You Don't Know Me
10 Nothing Sacred
11 Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)
12 Something For Nothing
13 You & Me


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