17 July 2010

SUBURBAN RHYTHM self titled 1997

(This post is dedicated to T.J.)

Suburban Rhythm is a 17-song obituary for the band of the same name Suburban Rhythm. This compilation is their only CD release, which was produced three years after the band's breakup. It includes three tracks from the Hose demo, the missing song is "Matahari" which the band omitted for various reasons. Four songs from the Almost There 7" EP and nine unreleased songs which were from the aborted LP sessions. The Almost There tracks were taken from these sessions. Five tracks were recorded live at The Black Room in Santa Ana, California.

The artwork features numerous photos, and features liner notes by Tom Dumont guitarist for the band No Doubt. It is currently out of print, and can occasionally be found in bargain bins at record shops, at obscure ska concerts, or online with some effort. - Wikipedia


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