04 July 2012

COME Gently Down the Stream 1998


1 One Piece 6:53
2 Recidivist 3:57
3 Stomp 5:43
4 Sorry Too Late 4:49
5 Saints Around My Neck 8:27
6 Silk City 4:52
7 Middle Of Nowhere 4:05
8 The Fade-Outs 5:54
9 A Jam Blues 5:07
10 New Coat 5:20
11 The Former Model 3:12
12 March 8:15


IHateThe90s said...


lex dexter said...

Not the same flatout knock on the ass of the first three, but a perfectly beautiful, suitable farewell from Come.

Considering their output, if not longevity, I'd put Come neck and neck with Unwound for "best band of the 1990s."

'Saw Brokaw drum with Codeine last week, who were absolutely perfect and made me teary. Still, I'd've left that impossible and unique outfit to make Stones-cum-Slint magic with Thalia et. al., too.

Ralph Dodger said...

Thanks! Missed this in the day so great to hear it now.