22 July 2012

MEMORY DEAN Shake It Up 1997

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[+] by Cub Koda
Memory Dean is the latest entry in the alternative music sweepstakes, their music encompassing a wide range between edgy rock, sunny pop and moodier offerings, all of it wrapped up in catchy hooks and seamless vocal harmonies. Formed in 1989 by core members Jay Memory and Bubba Dean when both were students at the University of Georgia in Athens working as an acoustic duo act, the group grew with the additions of drummer Larry Voss and bassist Mark "The Shadow" Ross. Constant touring built up a rabid regional fan base, which led to the release of three independently produced albums, 1992's Highway Twenty-Nine, 1993's Memory Dean and 1995's Stomp. All this regional activity eventually caught the attention of Capricorn Records, who signed the band and hooked them up with producer/engineer Jeff Tomei (Smashing Pumpkins, Collective Soul, Cool for August, Matchbox 20) for their debut album, Shake It Up. Still Hungry Souls followed in 1999. "Although a lot of people tried pigeonholing us," says Memory, "we've never fit into any musical category. It would have been easier to say we're a rock band or a pop band, but we're not. All these different elements are important in music, and our goal is to bring them all together."
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