09 July 2012


By request, I think.


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Indie band the Wishplants had been playing together for some time in their native Northamptonshire, England, as a trio of Ed Gilmour (guitar), James Fitzgerald (drums) and Paul Simpson (bass), before cementing the line-up with the addition of vocalist Saul in March 1992. Taking their name from an episode of science fiction television programme Star Trek, they played a few shows before entering a local studio to record demos with Wonder Stuff / Neds Atomic Dustbin producer Simon Efemey. It was he who introduced the band to their manager and set their career in motion by inviting the Wonder Stuff along to see them. The result was the support slot on that band’s Scottish tour, before they had played 20 shows under their own auspices. Saul’s charismatic performances soon attracted the attention of the UK indie press, prompting the New Musical Express to describe him as ‘clearly one leg short of a full pair of trousers’. Despite record company interest the group elected to record an EP, Circus Rain, with Efemey, released in February 1993 on China Records. Afterwards they embarked on their first UK tour proper with Power Of Dreams, taking in both the Phoenix and Glastonbury Festivals. The Tortoiseshell EP followed in July to further strong reaction, prefacing a well-received debut album in October.
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