07 July 2012

DIM STARS self titled 1992




[+] by Rovi
Formed in New York in 1991, Dim Stars is an occasional project featuring Richard Hell (b. Richard Meyers, 2 October 1949, Lexington, Kentucky, USA; vocals/bass), Don Fleming (ex-Velvet Monkeys; B.A.L.L. ; guitar/vocals) and two members of Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore (guitar/vocals) and Steve Shelley (drums). A live three-single pack, Dim Stars, was issued that year on Sonic Youth’s Ecstatic Peace! label. It included a lengthy version of ‘You’ve Got To Lose’, first featured on Richard Hell And The Voidoid’s classic Blank Generation. Three Songs, an EP credited to ‘Richard Hell’, ensued, although this featured the Dim Stars’ line-up. The quartet’s eponymous album was an informal, but exciting, set, combining Hell’s visionary lyrics with the debauched ease of the Rolling Stones’ circa Exile On Main Street. Guitarist Robert Quine, formerly of the Voidoids, and Jad Fair assisted the proceedings, the highlight of which was a memorable take of Howlin’ Wolf’s ‘The Natchez Burning’. Prior commitments to Sonic Youth preclude Dim Stars from becoming a permanent fixture, but the album proved to be an excellent reiteration of Richard Hell’s talent.
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1 She Wants To Die 3:45
2 All My Witches Come True 3:01
3 Memo To Marty 2:06
4 Monkey 5:26
5 Natchez Burning 2:05
6 Stop Breakin' Down 5:03
7 Baby Huey (Do You Wanna Dance) 2:44
8 The Night Is Coming On 3:44
9 Downtown At Dawn 4:53
10 Try This 2:16
11 Incense Is The Essence 2:39
12 Weird Forest 3:40
13 Stray Cat Generation 2:37
14 Rip Off 5:41
15 Dim Star Theme 3:35


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