09 July 2012

GO SAILOR self titled 1996


Go Sailor

Real Name:
Rose Melberg, Amy Linton & Paul Curran
Rose Melberg - Vocals, Guitar
Amy Linton - Drums, Vocals
Paul Curran - Bass, Vocals

Started in San Francisco, CA in 1995, Go Sailor was mainly a side project for Rose (The Softies, Tiger Trap, Gaze), Amy (Henry's Dress) and Paul (Crimpshrine). After 3 great singles and 2 tracks on compilations, Go Sailor called it quits in 1996, much to the chagrin of twee-popsters everywhere, in order for the members to focus on other projects. Later that year Lookout! Records released all their songs on one CD.


1 Last Year 2:24
2 Fine Day For Sailing 2:26
3 I'm Still Crying 2:32
4 I Just Do 3:15
5 Bigger Than An Ocean 2:19
6 Silly 2:10
7 Long Distance 2:26
8 Windy 1:52
9 Blue Sky 1:41
10 The Boy Who Sailed Around The World 2:49
11 Don't Go 2:05
12 Ray Of Sunshine 1:30
13 Together Forever In Love 2:24
14 Every Day 2:10


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Thanks for posting this! I've heard all of the bands listed except for Gaze, do you have anything of theirs?

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xtimmyx - Hi! :-) Gaze can be found at these 2 blogs:


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