23 July 2012

MOPED It Won't Sound Any Better Tomorrow 1996




by Jason Ankeny
Moped mines Yo La Tengo territory on their debut It Won't Sound Any Better Tomorrow; a trio with a sharp melodic sense and alternating reedy male/wispy female vocals, they kick up a joyously noisy pop racket on superior moments like "Stephaen Hero" and "Window Shopping." The group certainly doesn't break any new ground, but what they do, they do well. 


1 Mouthsore
2 Stephaen Hero
3 Window Shopping
4 Turkey
5 Vague
6 Does Your Back Hurt
7 Hotel
8 Cheap Strings
9 Bangs And Booms
10 Roadtrip
11 Sibling
12 Bottle
13 Through The Cracls
14 Keep In Touch


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