28 January 2013

CIRCUS LUPUS Solid Brass 1993

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[+] by Ned Raggett

Circus Lupus was one of the many intelligent, fierce punk and punk-inspired groups signed to Washington's legendary Dischord label. Ironically, though, the band initially got its start in Madison, WI, where singer Chris Thomson had come to from D.C. to attend college. There he met drummer Arika Casebolt, guitarist Chris Hamley, and bassist Reg Schrader, releasing an initial single and doing various tours. A relocation to Washington was accompanied by a switch in bassists, with Seth Lorinczi taking over that spot. The resultant lineup recorded two albums, 1991's Super Genius and 1993's Solid Brass, along with the Joan Jett-produced "Pop Man" single and some other tracks before splintering thereafter. Hamley and Thomson stuck together, though, going on to form the Monorchid some years later.
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1 Right Turn Clyde
2 7 X 4 X 1
3 I Always Thought You Were An Asshole
4 And You Won
5 New Cop Car
6 Texas Minute
7 Deviant Gesture Catalog
8 Takes About An Hour: Epilepsy
9 Pop Man
10 Heathen
11 Pop Man
12 Pressure Point

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