21 January 2013


By request

For EP Fans Only Tracklist

1. Waiting for the Sun to Rise

2. Excuse the Lame Excuse

3. Please One More Time

4. Right on Their Case

5. I Thought I Drank the Drink but the Drink Drank Me

6. When You Rest

7. To Be Announced

Palais Tracklist

1A Start Credits
2A I Brought Kicks
3A We'll Be Doing Time
4A Simon Simone
5A Taking Turns
6A Look At Her (She's Walking Away)
7A No One Here But You
1B Everything You Had
2B I Was Dreaming
3B Something Happened
4B Je T'Adore
5B Termites
6B Attack VCA
7B Intermission
1C Nothing But Fear
2C Kill Me Now
3C Bristol Sisters
4C I Know Where You Are
5C Please Hold On
6C Longing For You
1D Your Only Hope
2D Come On Tonight
3D Inside The Disco
4D Embrace The Train
5D End Credits                                                          


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