09 January 2013


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[+] by Jason Ankeny
Portland, OR, punk-pop trio Crackerbash was formed in 1989 by singer/guitarist Sean Croghan (formerly of the Hellcows), bassist Scott Fox, and drummer Doug Nash completed the founding lineup, which the following year recorded its debut single, "Bike." After contributing the track "Spreading Flames" to the I-5 Killers compilation, Nash was dismissed from Crackerbash in favor of ex-Red Vines drummer Teddy Miller in time for the Holiday EP. In the wake of grunge's commercial ascendancy, Portland was widely tipped as the next Seattle, and as local bands, including the Spinanes, Pond, and Sprinkler, signed to Sub-Pop, Crackerbash also recorded a 7", 1992's lavender-swirl vinyl release "Nov. 1," for the label's Singles Club series. The trio then landed with another Seattle imprint, Empty, to issue a self-titled full-length debut; the Tin Toy 10" followed in 1993. Crackerbash performed their last show at the Portland club La Luna on December 18, 1993; the show was recorded for posterity, with four songs comprising the posthumous Live EP. After briefly mounting a solo career, Croghan later fronted Jr. High, while Fox and Miller reunited in Satan's Pilgrims.
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