21 January 2013

THE KENT 3 Screaming Youth Fantastic 1994

by request


[-] by Stephen Howell
Guitarist Viv Halogen, bassist Adam Grendon, drummer Tyler Long and vocalist Mike Pitts grew up together in Bellingham, WA. The four of them founded the Kent 3 in 1993, churning out music that blended elements of punk, surf and rock. They recorded four singles on various labels and their first LP, 1994's Screaming Youth Fantastic, on the Bag of Hammers imprint. The group dissolved later that year, but reunited in 1996 without Pitts. Since that time, they have recorded two LPs, Stories of the New West and Peasant Musik, on Super Electro Records as well as several other singles. Shortly after coming together in '93, the Kent 3 released a series of seven-inch singles before making a one album deal with the Bag of Hammers label in '94. The group recorded their first full-length CD, Screaming Youth Fantastic, at Seattle's Wedgewood Manor, a basement studio run by Jim Collier. Collier had been known for his work with underground Seattle bands like the Solid Statesmen, Steel Wool and Bloodloss. Shortly after the sessions, Grendon left the Kent 3 due to health problems. He was replaced by Jason Freeman, a friend of the group. Later that year, Long moved to Montana, and the band folded.


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