09 January 2013


by request


[+] by Francis Arres
The Ida Retsin Family offer up sincere, sweet country/folk songs on Volume One. As the name implies, this band is made up of two other bands, Ida and Retsin. Harmonies spread over the tunes. Simple guitars layer on many of the songs, creating dense musical tales. All of the tunes seem to be played live, open-air recordings, which tend to sound like Eric's Trip at times. Strings thicken the elements on some songs. "Sad Song Wisconsin" is one of two songs with drums. Throughout this tune there exists some great picking on the guitar strings, which keeps the country feel on course. In the middle, The Ida Retsin Family switch to a country waltz, which makes you feel as if maybe they did reach their destination that they were describing in the song. The Retsin part of the family, Tara Jane O'Neil and Cynthia Nelson, seem to outshine their Ida counterparts. Tara Jane's wailing and raspy voice on "3 Chords for Greta" and "Scrump" are true heartfelt country. Cynthia Nelson's sweet voice on "The Pitter Patter" sticks in your mind. The Ida Retsin Family enter and leave this record in 30 minutes, which is perfect. They display great songs and leave you wanting more. This is a great collaboration between Ida and Retsin, blending both of their styles wonderfully. Also, keep listening. There is an amazing, sweet surprise at the end.
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