19 April 2014

RED MONKEY Make the Moment 1997

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Red Monkey was one of the finest bands to come out of the English Slampt family. They are in fine form on Make the Moment, tearing through political rants with the accessibly fractured vigor of Gang of Four or the Fall. The record distinguishes itself in general, but two things come across as outstanding and particular to Red Monkey: culturally, there's their ability to make entirely political lyrics work in a personal, intelligent, and restrained manner; musically, there's the fact that Make the Moment has as much melodic appeal as it does rhythmic post-punk aggression. All of which means that this is a fine, fine record. 


A1 Activity Book
A2 Pro Choice
A3 Litmus Test
A4 Rationale Showdown
A5 Cakey Pig
A5 The Converse
B1 Not For Rent
B2 Missy
B3 Equate This
B4 Fake Dagger Day
B5 The Way I Peel Oranges
B6 No Negative
B7 Luxury

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