14 April 2014


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Voodoo Gearshift started in 1985 in Iowa City, Iowa. Bred from metal and speed, they evoke crunching melodies that at times will abruptly halt and twist into a new theme, with grace. Their excellent songwriting and musicianship would seem to have guaranteed them a popular place in the alternative movement of the late 80’s, but alas, living in Iowa wasn’t getting anyone famous. So they loaded up the van and headed to Seattle in 1992. Personal conflicts and an apparent lack of organization doomed them to breakup by the late 90’s. Most recent band members included Mark Bruggeman(drums), Paul Sorrells(bass), and Jim Roth(guitar vocals) who has been playing with Built to Spill for several years. Steve Tyler and Joe Page were in the original lineup. They leave behind 3 or 4 albums.
-Dan Ayala


1 Surf My Ass
2 Running On
3 Cabrini Green
4 Pigdrug Warmachine
5 One Time Perfect
6 Appropriately Titled
7 Right From Wrong
8 Ain't That Proud
9 Unless
10 Reasons
11 What It's Like Your Guess Is As Good As Ours 

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