05 April 2014

SPLITSVILLE Ultrasound 1997


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Splitsville U.S.A.
Drummer Brandt Huseman and his twin brother, guitarist Matt Huseman, formed the garage band Splitsville in 1996 as a side project to their power-pop combo Greenberry Woods in tandem with that band's one-time guitar tech, Paul Krysiak, filling the bassist role. Splitsville USA, the 1996 debut from this none-too-serious side project, was released just months before Greenberry Woods split and as a result of the split, the trio decided to continue with Splitsville full time. They signed to the Big Deal label and released Ultrasound in 1997, after which they toured extensively sharing dates with their label mates at the time, Shonen Knife. By 1998 the group released its third album in as many years, Repeater, and again set out on a support tour, after which their label closed its doors due to financial troubles. Splitsville began writing and recording their fourth full-length, The Complete Pet Soul - a forthright nod to both Pet Sounds and Rubber Soul - and released it on Spanish label, Houston Party Records in 2001. That same year, Japanese label Air Mail issued a best of, titled Bulk Rate and guitarist Tony Waddy joined the group. By late 2003, the group had released their first album as a quartet, titled Incorporated. 


1 Let's Go
2 The Misfits
3 Yearbook
4 Your Way My Way
5 Mr Yuck
6 Hüsker Dü
7 Let's Play Grown-Up
8 Mary Go Round
9 Home
10 Racer X
11 Ponce De Leon
12 Here Come The Bastards
13 Screw Up
14 The Kids Who Kill For Sugar


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