14 April 2014

STILL RAIN self titled 1994

For the grunge fans
Thanks to Dsvvsd
Still Rain:
Still Rain played everywhere from Daytona to Atlanta to Louisville, KY. Even as far North as Grand Rapids, MI at Club Eastbrook. Mixing multiple sets of covers with their own original music. Doing this, they built up quite a big following. After doing this for a few years, they decided to go all original, producing their first Album (they had done tapes before, which sold out quickly) called Still Rain. A second Album, Bitter Black Water, soon followed.

After Donnie Hamby left Still Rain in 1995; the rest of them carried on as a band called Mouthpiece and recorded an EP in 1996.

In October of 2008, it was announced that Donnie Hamby, Bevan Davies and Corey Lowery would be reuniting along with Corey’s fellow Dark New Day bandmate B.C. Kochmit, to form a new band: Violent Plan. As of December 2008, no new music or announcements have been made with the exception of one announcement the band have posted on their MySpace page back in October, assuring fans that there is music to come.

Still Rain Featured future members of Sevendust, Stuck Mojo,Doubledrive,Dark New Day and Stereomud.
Troy McLawhorn - guitar (Later joined Doubledrive and Dark New Day)
Corey Lowery - Bass (Later joined Stuck Mojo, Stereomud, Dark New Day and Violent Plan)
Bevan Davies Drums (Later joined Danzig, Blood Simple, Comes With The Fall, The Mercy Clinic, and Violent Plan)
Clint Lowery - Guitar (Later joined Sevendust and Dark New Day)
Donnie Hamby - Vocals (Later joined Doubledrive and Violent Plan)


Still Rain - Self Titled (1994)
Still Rain - Bitter Black Water (1995)


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